The 50 Best Guest Verses of All Time


46. Percee-P on Lord Finesse's "Yes, You May" (1991)

AlbumReturn of the Funkyman
Producer: Showbiz
Label: Giant

The Rhyme Inspector Percee-P absolutely annihilated both of his features on Lord Finesse's criminally-underrated sophomore release, and was duly awarded the highly-coveted "Rhyme of the Month" in The Source magazine back when it actually meant something. Having first encountered each other after their infamous street battle in 1989, complete with the Funkyman sporting a Tim Burton-era Batman T-shirt and an ice cream truck parking beside them halfway through with its tune blaring, Finesse was suitably impressed to invite Perc to appear on his next project.
Forget that writing the rhyme in the studio technique, the bars Percee unleash here are clearly the result of weeks of precise development and refinement. Not a single word or breath is wasted as he deconstructs our understanding of how advanced the art of Brag Rap can really get. Taking multi-syllable rhyme schemes to new heights, Perc warns: "Foes I decompose from nose to toes/I will dispose of those that chose to go to my shows," paving the way for the mindblowing verbal armegeddon that artists such as Big Pun would deliver in the following years. Percee-P's the man to praise, indeed. Bronx science never sounded better.


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